Key Issues

The things that Maria takes seriously in representing Richfield
Inclusive Decision-Making

As Mayor, I will continue my commitment to listening to the concerns and ideas of residents and making sure that your perspectives inform the actions taken at the city level. In order to build a prosperous future in Richfield, we must bring people together and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. I believe the more we engage our community on the front-end of policy discussions, the greater the chances of success for everyone.


Community-Driven Development

As we continue to see change, growth and development in Richfield, we must balance change and economic opportunities with the impact this brings our residents and the fabric of our community. I will continue to work hard in bringing residents, developers and the city together to help ensure that the development coming to Richfield is a value add, rooted in being a good neighbor and advances our vision for a brighter and more prosperous community.

Promote Richfield to Attract New Families and Economic Opportunities

There are new opportunities on the horizon for our community and I am dedicated to working hard to help make Richfield a city where individuals, families, businesses, and industries want to invest in for years to come. This includes continue to work hand-in-hand with the school district to be a competitive option for families, and provide plenty of opportunities for healthy living and a clean environment. 

Help Improve the Quality of Life for Residents

I am committed to prioritizing safety, preservation of the environment, and parks and green space so that all Richfield residents, from children to seniors, are able to live safe, active and healthy lives.

Be an Advocate for Richfield at the Regional Level

As Mayor I will be a strong voice at the local, state and federal levels to help ensure that Richfield gets the recognition and resources it needs to continue to grow and prosper. This includes being a strong advocate for leveraging state and federal funds for Richfield-based projects, and making sure we attract opportunities relating to regional commercial, tourism and transportation interests.

Maintain Quality City Services and Fiscal Responsibility

It is important that we maintain quality City services for residents and prioritize budget decisions that are forward looking to make Richfield more attractive to families and businesses. As a part of responsible budget-planning, it is important to find way to expand opportunities for increased revenue from commercial and housing redevelopment to help lessen the burden on homeowners or on less stable sources of funding.